Telecom Business Intelligence

Telecom Business Intelligence


Telecommunications have to analyze their customers’ needs and tailor all their business processes in the value chain to effectively meet their customers’ unique requirements and increasing demands. Telecom Business Intelligence provides the ability to turn large volumes of data relating to their customers and services into actionable information. This real-time analysis tool combines live data and historical items to predict behaviors and provide actionable insight to help make smarter decisions that improve the bottom line.

Companies in the telecommunications industry are facing conditions that are unlike those that exist in any other sector. These shifting conditions have made the need for business intelligence extremely critical for telecommunications companies. The telecommunications industry is volatile, complex, and always changing. To effectively compete, you need to measure and analyze key metrics to improve business operations, engage with customers.
How telecommunications firms can benefit from business intelligence is endless. By implementing a comprehensive BI environment, telecommunications firms can:

• improve service delivery
• boost sales and revenues
• enhance customer loyalty
• increase the efficiency of core operations
• gain a significant competitive advantage

See the past, the present, and the future on one screen

Telecom Business Intelligence Challenges Many critical functions to rely on fast, complex analysis of CDR data. Key initiatives include analyzing behavioral data using CRM programs to optimally target services, ensuring complete and accurate billing and modeling call behavior with revenue assurance programs, and optimizing network operations using operations management programs. These initiatives all benefit from improved access to CDR-level data, access to large quantities of historical information for trend analysis, and the ability to quickly run complex BI queries.