Fraud Management System (FMS)

Fraud Management System (FMS)

Fraud Management System provide standardized processes that integrate large quantities of transactional data allowing to monitor, control, manage and optimize processes, ensuring revenue assurance and risk management in real time.



Fraud Management System (FMS) create an integrated data structure which provides enhanced monitoring and audit­ing purposes for business process owners across all transactional data.

“Fraud Management System enables you to identify potential fraud in an organization and block suspicious activities and attempts, before they can endanger your business”

In recent years, with increased access to customer’s data and data analysis capabilities by using data mining methods, various activities carried out for customer behavior analysis.

Data mining and statistics help to anticipate and quickly detect fraud and take immediate action to minimize costs. Through the use of sophisticated data mining tools, millions of transactions can be searched to spot patterns and detect fraudulent transactions.

Fraud Management System works in many ways like below:

• Using predefined scenarios and rules

• Anomaly Detection and Graph Analysis by using Machine Learning and checking

 financial and operational behaviors over time and detecting unusual behaviors in transaction creation


  • Reduce human factors on data quality


  • Facilitate decision-making and increase organization efficiency


  • Accelerate in getting information and enhance the power of decision-making


  • Increase information reliability


  • Detect revenue leakage


  • Ensures maximum protection of your business


  • Avoid wasting of firm’s income


  • Increase flexiblity for business rules to be expanded by the customer


  • Improve predictive models of future fraud scenarios and threats