Geo BI

“We help you to stand at right place by our Geo BI solution”

Geo BI solution

Many decisions should be based on regional data and analysis. Therefore, most organizations require Geo BI to Create beautiful map-based- reports to help business users better understand their data.

Location is a key dimension in the analyzes required by managers, but due to lack of BI and GIS lose this advantage. We have unique expertise and know-how in GIS and BI, So our location data platform focus on  within all kinds of companies and organizations looking for robust, powerful, innovative spatial capabilities.

Geo + BI = Geo BI

 Geo BI combine spatial and other organizational information and make it possible to achieve results such as better decision making, optimization and simplify important and functional processes as well as improved performance. This new approach brings decision making to overcome GIS barriers and BI.

 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) do not have analytical features. Geo BI allow the organization to dramatically improve the quality of data analysis based on geographic dimensions, usually found in the organization’s databases. This system includes:

  • Planning based on location
  • Investment based on location
  • Manage plans based on location
  • Manage services based on location
  • Performing construction projects based on location
  • Base map

Change magnification, continuous shift (PAN), visible and invisible layers, and change the degree of transparency, provide road maps, display latitude and longitude


Display layers of information

Listing of data points layers

Multi-Layer display of data points

Provide unit information based on an enterprise tree

Display the color and transparency and size of each data layer points

Provide information layers as icons, clustering, and Heatmap

Provide demographic layer


  • Routing on the map

Determine the optimal route between the two points in the map and provide descriptive information about the route

including route sections, time interval, route distance


  • Ability to select locations features on the map


Displays descriptive information about branch offices

Ability to select a set of points in the range of a polygon


  • Search capabilities


Ability to search provinces, cities, villages and other political divisions

Ability to filter search results based on the range specified by a polygon

Ability to filter search results based on political divisions

Ability to search descriptive information other than their names, for example, branch code, domain, or the like

Ability to rank search results based on aerial and terrestrial distance from a specific point