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Who We Are

Son Data Symphony Solution delivers IT-based solutions and services which meet the needs of your business. Our teams take an innovative, agile, collaborative approach to creating customized solutions to companies of all sizes, across all industries around the world.


Fraud Detection

All your income is on your hand

Trend Analysis

We use the technique that attempts to illustrate the business trend

The changing patterns of fraud

We have made it possible to easily define new and very complex patterns at any time, in addition to conventional fraud scenarios in any industry

Anomaly Detection

Based on learning of the individual’s transaction behavior in a period of time, different deviation from normal behavior are identified

Discover in real time

We will allow you to be informed of any violations at the moment of transaction, so you can react at the right time

Big Data Management & Analytics

We deliver brilliant Data


High speed to provide report among huge data


It brings you to make a wise decision


you can trust to your data

Business Intelligence

A Good Sense of Decision

Boost Performance

Business intelligence allows managers to easily evaluate their organization’s performance in a variety of charts and dashboards

User-friendly Dashboards

The platform makes the dashboard responsive so that it can work in multiple environments

Connect to any data source

With this feature, we can connect to any types of data source that is not already available

Geo BI

We help you to stand at right place by our Geo BI soultion

Display and analyze data in the map substrate

Information based on spatial data and using location dimensions are analyzed and displayed.

Smart choice of business district

We help you to better understand your business environment and area and have an Intelligence choice

Various information layers

Providing a layer of borders and political divisions, displaying simultaneously information multi-layered of data points, …

Artificial Intelligence


Deep Image Processing API
Perform high-level tasks in computer vision


Smart Video Surveillance Software based on Deep Learning


Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis



Business Intelligence

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Geo BI

Data Mining

Big Data Analytics


Data Symphony

We believe that data and information are like musical notes, which with elegance and special performance, create magnificent sound.