Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

  Business intelligence helps oil and gas companies to collect, transmit and analyze information in order to make decisions and define business strategy. Our senior consultants have enough experience in providing advice to specific customers in the industry to provide information to improve their daily business 


Benefits of Business Strategy

An effective business strategy provides access to information On-Time, while organizational data warehouse techniques provide reliable data integration through a large amount of data.
These solutions provide existing information by using existing data, to all levels of the organization, from senior management to knowledge workers to make better business decisions and explore new business opportunities.

What we offer:

Our goal is to provide an investment return (ROI) that is achieved with our solutions. We have a necessary expert in data warehouse consulting and implementation, data mining, and analysis. We support the organization in various fields including:

• Improved supply chain management
• Sales
• Customer service
• Marketing
• Performance
• Fraud and risk management
• Distribution planning

Business in the field of oil and gas is divided into two categories: the first part consists of exploration and production, and the second part includes the refining and distribution of oil and gas products.
The products of oil and gas are commodities and therefore, in terms of price, are competitive. This will cause the cost of the industry dependent on the price of crude oil and raw materials for production.

BI applications in the industry

The initial uses of BI in oil and gas companies will help to the operations stabilization management and reduce costs. The overall goals include shortening the time required for reporting and analysis, improving the accuracy of the information, and creating a repository of information. The most widely used field of BI is to provide financial reporting and analysis and support for business operations with a special focus on ERP.
For many companies, integrated analysis and reporting are a priority since most of them are trying to understand the financial situation and take the necessary action. The use of BI results in shortening the time it takes to produce financial reports. However, one of the challenges most companies are faced with is the consolidation of financial data from subsidiaries.

Business intelligence opportunity

Oil and Gas is a global and competitive business. BI is a technology that can reduce management costs. The challenge is to integrate information across a global business.
Our oil and gas software helps you to improve the strategy in the following areas:

  •  Analyze
  • Specification of reserves
  • Improved drilling
  • Production forecast
  • Simplifying data
  • Creating better and faster models

With SON BI Solutions, you can:

  •  See a complete picture of your industry.
  • Discover hidden patterns in your data.
  • Quantify uncertainty